Bicycle Racks

Bike racks have one main purpose: to safely guard your bicycle while you are out and about. However, some of these racks may be shaped strangely, even appearing to be decorative objects. For businesses located within the City of Spartanburg, Partners for Active Living will assist in selecting and installing a rack. Check out more information: Bicycle Racks Partnership Program

Here is a list of different types of bike racks and how you should utilize them:

Grid-Style rack: These racks look like a fence and are used to hold a large volume of bikes. Commonly used in the past, a grid style rack is great for keeping bikes supported with effective space saving techniques. However, this bike rack does not allow both the wheel and frame to be locked, which can allow for the bike to be more easily stolen.




Decorative: Some businesses and parks may opt for a decorative bike rack. These could be shaped like a fish, book, or a bicycle like the one pictured at Willow Oaks Park in Spartanburg's Hampton Heights neighborhood.




U-Rack: The inverted U-Rack is one of the more commonly seen bike racks. It is also known as a staple rack. A U-Rack can effectively hold up to 2 bikes, safely providing support at two points on the bike. This rack is located at Mellow Mushroom just off of downtown Spartanburg.



Wave/ Serpentine rack: The wave design is a distant cousin of the U Rack. The waves of this rack allow for the storage of multiple bikes, more so than the single U-Rack provides. The downside to this type of rack is that it only provides support to a bicycle frame at one point which can lead to a greater probability of the bicycle falling over when parked (a U-Rack provides support at two points).


Ring-and-Post rack (also known as 'the hitch'): Exactly as it sounds. This bike rack is a post with a ring connected to it, allowing you to effectively store your bike. These racks are used throughout Spartanburg's central business district.