What Local Teachers Want You To Know About Child Wellness

Written by Liz Perry on September 20th 2016.

Active kids with wholesome diets are heathier kids. We have all heard that fact, backed up by many studies over many years. But how do you get school age kids to be more active and interested in more wholesome foods? As mentioned in an earlier blog, Partners for Active Living is providing technical assistance for the Healthy Schools Initiative, funded by the Mary Black Foundation, in nine Spartanburg County schools. The Initiative promotes healthy eating and active living interventions that are proven to have a positive impact on child health.

The best interventions need experts to implement and assess them. We are so lucky to have fantastic wellness champions in Spartanburg schools with many decades of collective experience. Here is what some of those local school professionals want families to know about supporting their efforts:

“Pack healthy lunches and snacks…”

“If you can, volunteer with before or after school activities like intramurals or running clubs…”

“Model healthy behaviors at home as much as possible…”

“Prepare meals at home and eat together as a family as often as you can…”

“Take frequent walks as a family in your neighborhood or at nearby parks and trails…”

“Participate in your school’s wellness activities, Walk to School days, and family nights…”

“Promote the healthy eating habits published in your school’s newsletter…”

“If you can, join the wellness committee at your child’s school…”

Improving the health and wellness of Spartanburg’s children requires all of us to do what we can each day. Thanks to all the families, school staff and community partners who take part in those efforts. To learn more ways to help, contact your local school or Liz Perry at Partners for Active Living, lperry@active.living.org.

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