Beat the Summertime Slump

Written by Lindsey Graham on June 22nd 2018.

It’s safe to say that, while we look forward to long, relaxing summer days, it’s easy to fall into the summertime slump and let your active lifestyle take a backseat. Well, we don’t want that to happn to you! Here are some great ways to stay active and get out and about this summer.

For people seeking fun ways to travel or exercise this summer, our BCycle Program helps by offering short-term trips on our red bikes stationed in five locations. Daily and annual memberships are available and make it easy to experience a short bike ride to a downtown destination. Visit for a list of locations and other information.

For those of you looking for some kid-friendly activities to beat the summer slump, be sure to check out Hub City Kids and Spartanburg County Parks Department. Hub City Kids keeps you up to date with local activities for kids, shares healthy food ideas and tips, and gives ideas for fun craft activities and other creative outlets for kids. Spartanburg County Parks is a great resource for wellness opportunities for adults and kids in the area. They offer programs outdoor recreation programs, group fitness classes, youth development programs, summer day camps, 50+ wellness activities and so many more ways to keep active this summer.

We all strive to be healthier and more active, but sometimes it’s hard to go at it alone! Whether you walk, run or bike, there are many ways to get out and about with a group of peers who provide great motivation. Some great group walking, running and biking groups include:

  • RJ Rockers Run Club: Meet every Tuesday at 6:00 PM at RJ Rockers Brewery for a 3- 5 mile run; all running levels welcomed. Follow RJ Rockers Run Club on Facebook to keep up to date on route changes and cancellations.
  • Hub City Runners have many run groups for different running levels. Check out their website for more information on times, locations and levels:
  • Spartanburg Walkers: Meet weekly for one hour long walk with one weekend walk per month. This group is great for those looking for non-strenuous exercise with a social flair! For dates, times and more information, visit
  • SCOOP (SC Outdoor Oriented People) Adventures: This Facebook group is a central place to post outdoor activities and invite others with similar interests to join you. Activities include group runs, bikes, hikes, skiing and more!

Last but not least for some great outdoor entertainment this summer are the many parks and trails around Spartanburg for the big kids, little kids and even your furry friends! Most recently, the City of Spartanburg opened the Airport Park in front of the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport. The airport themed park boasts views of airplanes taking off and landing and includes picnic shelters, playgrounds, swing sets, baby swings, a walking path, a splash pad and a public restroom. Spartanburg City Parks is a great resource for different city park locations around town and provide a variety of recreational programs and opportunities in safe, well-maintained facilities and parks. Another great resource for outdoor activities in Spartanburg is the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Their website ( provides a comprehensive list of public parks, hiking/biking/running/walking trails, preserves and arboretums, fishing lakes and rivers, outdoor itineraries, family activities and so much more.

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