On the Partners for Active Living podcast,The Daily Required, we talk about the work we're doing, interview friends and partners about the ways they like to stay active, and talk with experts about the work they do as we aim to make Spartanburg a healthier place to live, work and play.



What makes a great place?

Written by Ned Barrett on March 15th 2016.

A couple of weekends ago I took advantage of a quick family trip to New York City to visit one of my favorite places, Washington Square Park. In spring-like weather on a February Sunday afternoon, I listened to old-time banjo music, classical grand piano, straight-ahead jazz and dueling baritone sax… read more

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A Place to Play

Written by Laura Ringo on February 15th 2016.

By Laura Ringo, Executive Director for Partners for Active Living

One of my favorite places is a park in my hometown of Maryville, Tennessee called Sandy Springs Park. The park is a treasured community gathering place along a creek and extensive greenway system.

Regardless of my phase in life,… read more

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A Place Where This is Possible

Written on February 8th 2016.

By Bess Lee, PAL board member

On one of our first visits, prior to moving to Spartanburg, I noticed the trail adjacent to Pine Street.   I was thrilled to learn of the Rail Trail’s existence as we had an infant son and I was looking for a safe place to walk him in the stroller (and get some exerc… read more

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Growing in Service

Written by Liz Perry on February 3rd 2016.

On Monday January 16, three Wofford students donated their time to getting a new PAL project launched. The day was cold and windy, but that did little to deter the enthusiasm of Emily Alford, Erica Fulton and Aleah Qureshi. Our volunteers put their interest in sustainable food systems and healthy co… read more

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Written by on January 18th 2016.

This year has opened with a bang.  I for one know that I was already sprinting through the gate and into the new year before the ball even dropped on December 31st.  I’ve barely had the time to look around and appreciate where I am, and what’s happening.  Which brings me to my point, this is the fir… read more

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As We Hurry Along the Road to Better Health

Written by Ned Barrett on January 11th 2016.

As we hurry long the road to better health, the new year allows for a little looking back to see where we’ve been and where we are with our trail expansion.

First of all, “hurry” is not the best verb here. This stuff doesn’t move fast, as we require permission from rail companies, utility compani… read more

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