Strategic Plan
Partners for Active Living (PAL) improves health and wellness throughout Spartanburg County by creating an environment and culture that fosters physical activity and healthy eating. PAL is a small nonprofit working to enact large-scale change.

Through policies, partnerships, places, & programs, Partners for Active Living inspires a healthy and active Spartanburg County.


PAL transforms Spartanburg County into a vibrant, connected, healthy community.


In Spartanburg, active living comes naturally. It is fun, easy, and safe because we are connected . . . to our community . . . to each other . . . to nature. We utilize our vast natural resources, waterways, trails, and parks routinely. We walk through our neighborhoods and play with our families in our front yards, and we bike to work and school. We embrace our wonderful quality of life. We get out, and we go. We are healthy.


We believe in:

  • Shifting Gears – it’s time for cultural change; active living is not about fitness for a segment of the population, it is a central cog in the well-being of all.
  • Taking Steps – we are a movement of impassioned people advancing the cause of safe places for adventure and fun for all ages.
  • Breathing Fresh Air – variety is the key to an active life. We all deserve access to more quality green spaces to do the things we enjoy.
  • Making Tracks – our environment and natural resources are precious. Tread lightly – but go ahead and tread!
  • Blazing Trails – we lead, we innovate, we partner, we find new ways to make active living possible.
  • Living Healthy – health is of the utmost importance; we strive to make the healthy choice the easy choice through creating an environment supportive of active living.
  • Shaping a Healthier Generation – we promote active living to help our children establish healthy habits for life.
  • Changing the Landscape – our community will see a lifestyle of active living as the norm, rather than the exception.

You can see the entire strategic plan for July 2016- June 2019 here


We will ensure accomplishment of our goals and objectives by:

  • Using these goals and indicators as the foundation of our work;
  • Refining action plans after final approval of the strategic plan by the board for each of the key goals and objectives;
  • Ensuring there is adequate funding to support the plan;
  • Monitoring progress toward the goals through strategic planning dashboard quarterly at board meetings;
  • Seeking feedback from our members and collaborators about our initiatives;
  • Reporting to our members through our annual report.