Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail

Want to learn more about the proposed MBF Rail Trail extension from the Henry Street end of the trail to downtown Spartanburg? Check it out!

The Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail is a 1.9 mile rail-to-trail conversion from a former Norfolk Southern railroad corridor. This paved urban trail came to be known as the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail, or simply “The Rail Trail” to many local residents. The MBF Rail Trail parallels two major roads and connects many neighborhoods to downtown Spartanburg.

The Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail is located adjacent to many restaurants, retail businesses, and recreational facilities like the Pine Street YMCA and the Hot Spot Skate Park. Partners for Active Living is proud to support efforts to increase the use of the trail for physical activity and transportation, including the "Friends of the MBF Rail Trail" initiative. Conveniently located between South Pine Street and Union Street, the trail has access points at east Henry Street and at Country Club Road. The MBF Rail Trail is wheel-chair accessible. Additional parking is available at many trail- friendly businesses in the area.

There is a lot going on at the Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail, and PAL has been a partner in these additional amenities.

Additional information about the MBF Rail Trail: