On the Partners for Active Living podcast,The Daily Required, we talk about the work we're doing, interview friends and partners about the ways they like to stay active, and talk with experts about the work they do as we aim to make Spartanburg a healthier place to live, work and play.



Tips to Stay Healthy and Active During the Holidays!

Written by Lindsey Graham on November 16th 2016.

Somehow, some way, Thanksgiving is next week. I am not sure how it happened, but it is almost time to over indulge again and again…for an entire month! I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with ways to stay active and (relatively) healthy throughout this time of year. It is so hard to pass … read more

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Diversified Food Spending

Written by on November 8th 2016.

Here’s a random fact I just found in my research: Families in the Midwest tend to spend less of their budget on buying food then in other areas of the U.S.

Not a super important fact but an interesting one.

One of the things I never think much about is where I grocery shop. Like most people (8… read more

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Revamping, Rethinking, Reviewing: Hub Cycle

Written by Laura Ringo on November 2nd 2016.

Last spring the PAL board of directors and staff went through a strategic planning process to think about what PAL is doing and how that is impacting our mission. We also talked about what efforts could have an impact on our mission that we are not doing, and how current work and new possible work i… read more

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Health Benefits of Green Space: Win-Win

Written by Liz Perry on October 25th 2016.

Partners for Active Living works to promote child wellness, develop trails and parks, and create walking and bicycling opportunities for everyone in the Spartanburg area. Helping develop green space is an integral part of all three of those focus areas.

Over the past ten years, researchers focusi… read more

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Lessons from Seattle

Written by Ned Barrett on October 18th 2016.

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram pages (as you should!), you know that I went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago for a conference hosted by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO). I shared some photos online, and figured I’d share a few thoughts here.

Neighborhood … read more

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Good for the body...and so much more

Written by Lindsey Graham on October 11th 2016.

Just what am I talking about here? Exercising! As much as I might not like it at times, I know that exercising is so important for my overall health and well-being. I know, I know, we have all been inundated with the studies on the importance of exercising and been told over and over again how benef… read more

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Publication Suppression: Buried Science Affects Healthy Lifestyles

Written by on October 4th 2016.

I find that no matter where I look, healthy eating is constantly thrown at me. I can’t spend two minutes on Facebook without the Paleo diet being lauded followed by how to make the perfect S’more.

Despite the warnings from diet blogs, no matter what I looked up the warnings were always fairly vag… read more

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I (Secretly) Love It!

Written by Laura Ringo on September 27th 2016.

One of the things often referred to with dread in the nonprofit world is strategic planning. I try not to admit it too often for fear of looking like a nonprofit-nerd, but I love the process! I think it is energizing to step back and look at successes and failures, make course corrections, revamp, a… read more

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What Local Teachers Want You To Know About Child Wellness

Written by Liz Perry on September 20th 2016.

Active kids with wholesome diets are heathier kids. We have all heard that fact, backed up by many studies over many years. But how do you get school age kids to be more active and interested in more wholesome foods? As mentioned in an earlier blog, Partners for Active Living is providing technical … read more

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Tracking My Daily Travels

Written by Ned Barrett on September 13th 2016.

For about ten days this month, I used my GPS app to record all my travel by whatever mode, including running which isn’t really travel. I tried to keep track of all my trips, and to separate tracks into modes. When I drove somewhere, for example, I stopped it in the parking lot and started it again … read more

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